Events / Seminars

Local Events 2016 (in Laroque de Fa unless stated)

. Saturday 7th May: Flowers’ Market (Félines-Termenès)

. Saturday 18th June: Fishing Day (Félines-Termenès)

. Saturday 18th June: Diner & Dance  (adults: 13€/children: 6€)

. Wednesday 3rd July: 22h Fireworks (Félines-Termenès)

. Friday 22nd July: Village Fête (Félines-Termenès)

. July 24th-30th: Albières – World Music Festival

. Sunday 14th August: Paëlla (adults: 13€/children: 6€)

. Saturday 20th August: Village Fête (Auriac)

. Saturday 27th August: Mouthoumet – Fireman’s Ball

. Saturday 3rd September: Mouthoumet – Fair

. Saturday 12th November: Choucroute (adults: 13€/children: 6€)

. Sunday 3rd December: Laroque de Fa – Christmas Market


If you need further information on the above festivities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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